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Family business (est. 1992)

We serve Commercial Clients across the UK, please call us for further details.

✓ Commercial Business
✓ Offices
✓ Theatres
✓ Education
✓ Healthcare
✓ Hair/Beauty Salons
✓ Commercial Kitchens
✓ Catering


✓ Curtains
✓ Blinds
✓ Tracks
✓ Cubicle Tracks
✓ Insect Screens
✓ Professional Fly Screens
✓ Solar Shading


Terry Coles Curtains and blinds Ltd has extensive experience over the last 25 years of supplying and fitting blinds for businesses of all sizes and across all industries throughout the UK. Whether a single office or a large organisation, we are pleased to offer a bespoke service that fits your business’ needs.

Through our experience, we understand your need for a reliable supplier capable of providing relevant advice and ordering large quantities, the requirement for a durable product that will last and the requirement to undertake fittings outside of your regular business hours so as to minimize disruption. All of our products are fire retardant.

We have widespread experience of working with schools and colleges and all employees are DBS checked as standard.

Child Safety

For your child’s safety, there are a number of considerations when fitting window blinds. Our knowledgeable staff can provide details of these considerations during your free consultation.

We supply ‘safe by design’ products, including those without visible cords or ties and we will discuss these requirements during our free consultation service.

We look forward to working with your business. Please contact us for a free consultation.